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Skin Arts In Health Care Foundation

Healing Through Artistry


 Skin Arts  Free Events

  • Do I need to be a Christian to attend? 
    • No, everyone is welcome.
    •  JCBA Events express the experiences of an individual's various connections to Jesus Christ through body art
  • What do I need to bring?  a note book, and Bible
  • What if I am allergic to Body Art or removers? The body art and temporary tattoos use children's band-aide adhesive. and we use water, olive oil, and alcohol to remove art.  We recommend you purchase a sample of our art to test before signing up if you have allergies to adhesives, olive oil, or alcohol wipes. Samples cost 10 dollars. which can discount your admission price. 
  • What type of attire? Casual short sleeves are recommended or sleeveless shirts   the art will be placed upon your arms and hand
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