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Skin Arts In Healthcare Foundation



Jesus Christ 

In Places, 

People Would Not


To Find Him



NEW​  Class

"Jesus Christ Body Artistry " 


- Experiences -

Jesus Christs Body Artistry 

Bible Study Art Class 



The Experience is an interactive bible study where attendees create art and apply temporary tattoos that engages participants in how to use their faith to overcome all the time.


  Attendees will leave the experience hungry for 

Jesus Christ 

 a clearer understanding of Faith and Fear, 

and what it takes to get their prayers answered.




 SAAI Experiences uses the bible, art, music, the creation of jewelry, apparel, and medical-grade temporary tattoos. Participants apply art onto  their hands and arms  that can be removed with oil or hand sanitizer 

Skin Arts JCBA Experience is Free 


Workshop  Ages 13- Adult

JCBA Experience

Art Created in Class

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